Gold & 蓝色承诺可以让你免学费转到电子游艺平台下载

Gold & Blue Promise


Limestone’s Gold & 蓝色承诺使它有可能获得排位赛 Day Campus 转学生来实现他们获得四年制学位的梦想 TUITION FREE. Our Academic Scholarships make transferring as a 电子游艺平台下载 Day Campus student very affordable.

平均绩点3分的转校生.6个或以上自动获得电子游艺平台下载价值12500美元的“金牌” & “蓝色承诺”奖学金,无论家庭收入水平如何.

From there, we combine all sources of scholarship and grant awards to count toward covering the student’s cost of tuition.

获得金奖的学生 & 蓝色承诺奖学金,也有资格获得南卡罗莱纳生活奖学金, 南卡罗来纳州学费补助金, 以及最高的联邦佩尔助学金, 可以全额支付学费而不需要自付费用(不包括杂费)吗, books, (不包括住在学校宿舍的学生的食宿费).

在线课程的学生没有资格获得金奖 & 蓝色承诺奖学金资助.

Since 1845, Limestone’s mission has been to educate students from diverse backgrounds in the liberal arts and selected professional disciplines. In a nurturing, 支持环境, Limestone offers opportunities for personal and professional growth to individuals who may find access to higher education difficult.


  • 南卡罗来纳的居民可以从美国获得最高4,390美元的补贴.C. Tuition Grant, which assists those eligible South Carolinians who prefer to attend one of South Carolina’s participating independent colleges.
    S.C. 学费资助信息
  • The S.C. LIFE奖学金可以为符合条件的学生提供高达4,800美元的奖学金.
    S.C. 终身奖学金信息
  • 佩尔助学金可以为符合条件的学生提供高达7395美元的资助.
  • Limestone’s Financial Aid Office can also assist with information regarding student loans and payment plans to spread the costs over several months.


Apply Online
  • Have Official Transcripts sent directly from the institution you have attended to Limestone.

 Have a GPA of 3.0分或以上(平均绩点3分).6名或以上有资格获得12,500美元的全额奖学金)
转学奖学金等级- 3.6-4 = $12500, 3.3-3.59=$11k, 3-3.29 = $9k, 2.5-2.99 = $7.5k, 2-2.49 = $6.5k